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Darius Owens

"Music is a language that doesn't speak in particular words.  It speaks in emotions, and if it's in the bones, it's in the bones." - Keith Richards


--This quote is definitely true when referring to the ever rising musical artist, Darius Owens, who has worked diligently to spread his God given talents and message with all who cross paths with him. In his home town of Texarkana, Texas a love for music was kindled at the early age of 5, as Darius sat with his church pianist on Sunday mornings to stay out of trouble. With grandparents who sang, parents who played instruments, older siblings and cousins who did both, Darius was surrounded by music. Growing up in a family of vocalists and musicians, it was only a matter of time before a young Darius would claim his place in the musical world.  True to this sentiment, 3 years later, the kindled flame for music ignited to a roaring fire as Darius finally got to touch a piano for the first time.  Thus began his journey to develop in the musical world. From elementary through high school he worked to master his craft on several instruments, which eventually led him through college (where he decided to pursue his career professionally) and on to his current voyage as a professional musician.

--Since moving to Houston in 2006, where he still resides, Darius graduated from Prairie View A&M University majoring in Music with an emphasis in Trombone and a minor in classical piano.  He has accomplished many endeavors and still works as a private instructor, public school music teacher, vocal coach and director.  He specializes in production, piano, trombone, percussion, and voice.

--As a community favorite, Darius is often called on for a variety of services.  He has worked for and performed with many other local and also nationally acclaimed artists that are leading in the music industry as well. He can be found either producing, songwriting, singing,  performing or directing at any given moment as it is his passion. 

--Darius' goal is to reach the world through his music, in hope to motivate, inspire and to genuinely make others feel good. This is an evident reality, the moment you get the opportunity to witness him in action. It's in his bones, it's in his blood, it's part of his soul.